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In these challenging and often uncertain times we are seeing more and more agencies and organisations offering outplacement services, which can be costly and are often out-with the financial reach of many of you, particularly if you have been made redundant.

At FWA we are committed to ensuring that all candidates registered with us – from those simply seeking a change in career to those who have been affected by redundancy – are provided with the highest level of support we at FWA are able to provide. The more informed you are, the better you will be able to deal with the process of finding alternative employment which is most suited to you, your circumstances and your career aspirations.

As an FWA candidate, you can expect to receive support in varying forms – from individual career guidance, personal meetings, advice on CV drafting, and interview techniques and preparation. All of this is free of charge – there are no hidden costs to candidates.

When you register as an FWA candidate, it will be our priority to get to know you – you won’t just be a faceless voice at the other end of the telephone. We will take the time to arrange to meet you – at a time and place convenient to both of us, whether its in Glasgow , Edinburgh or Aberdeen , or even at our offices if you would prefer. A first meeting is crucial to the process – it means that you know exactly who you are dealing with and can establish a relationship with us.

At any stage of your career the importance of a well drafted CV cannot be stressed enough. Ultimately, it is your CV that determines whether or not you will even reach interview stage. A badly drafted CV, full of inconsistencies and errors, will immediately raise a red flag to a prospective employer that a candidate’s attention to detail may be lacking.

At FWA we know and understand exactly what recruiting firms and organisations are looking for in a candidate CV and how it should be set out to maximum effect. Our consultants will work with you to develop the content of your CV and ensure that it clearly communicates your experience, strengths and, as far as possible, some clues as to your personality. Any CV sent by FWA to a prospective employer will be professionally prepared by one of our in-house CV specialists, and will only contain information which has been approved by you.

In addition to our CV preparation service, our complimentary CV Handbook has been designed to assist candidates at all levels with CV preparation. In order to obtain your free copy, please click here

While it is a clear indication that a firm or other organisation is interested in a candidate, being granted an interview on the back of a strong CV is not enough to secure any candidate a firm offer of employment. What a candidate does before, during and after the interview is equally crucial. Before any of our candidates attend an interview, we ensure that they are intensively prepared and briefed prior to the interview in order to enable them to maximise the opportunities the interview affords them. All our candidates receive a tailor-made pre-interview pack containing valuable relevant market information retrieved from a variety of sources. Our consultants will also be available to conduct detailed feedback and debriefing sessions post-interview.

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