The Graceful Exit


  • Ask appropriate job-related questions.  When the opportunity comes to ask any final question, review your notes, bring up any relevant strengths that have not yet been addressed.
  • Show decisiveness.  If you are offered the job, react with enthusiasm.  Then sleep on it.  If it’s possible to do so without making a formal acceptance, lock the job up now and put yourself in control.
  • Review the job’s requirements with the interviewer.  Match them point by point with your skills and attributes.
  • Find out whether this is the only interview.  If not, then ask about the interview process.
  • Always depart in the same polite and assured manner you entered.


  • Don’t discuss salary, holidays or benefits.  The timing is wrong.  Bringing such topics up before you have an offer is asking what the firm/organisation can do for you – instead you should be saying what you can do for the company.
  • Don’t press for an early decision.  Avoid using the ‘other-opportunities-have-to-consider’ gambit as leverage if no other offers exist – that annoys the interviewer makes you look foolish and may even force you to negotiate from a position of weakness.
  • Don’t show discouragement.  Sometimes a job offer can occur on the spot.  Usually it does not.  So don’t show discouragement which can show a lack of self-esteem and determination.  The right image to leave is one of enthusiasm and openness – just the traits you have been projecting throughout the interview.
  • Don’t ask for an evaluation of your interview performance.  That forces the issue and puts the interviewer in an awkward position.


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