Corporate Legal Jobs

Legal jobs in the commercial sector

With the ever-increasing complexity of legislation applying to Scottish and UK business, there has been a growth of specialisation in law pertaining to specific areas of commerce, from the traditional sectors of property, construction and finance, through new media and intellectual property to the energy, oil and gas industries. Frasia Wright Associates are ideally placed to offer a specialist legal recruitment service to corporate employers and to lawyers seeking legal jobs within the commercial sector, including the following areas.

Financial, Banking & Insurance

Despite the economic climate, opportunities for lawyers in the financial sector are strong, with demand for specialists in banking, funds, financial services and pensions.

Property & Construction

Lawyers seeking to specialise in law pertaining to the property market or the construction industry should be particularly aware of the economic climate and its effects on supply and demand for jobs in this sector, with forward planning crucial for career development in property and construction legal jobs.

Media & Intellectual Property (IP)

New technology and the growth of new media are equally growth areas for legal jobs, with demand for lawyers with experience of media, intellectual property and IT.

Our specialists in commercial legal recruitment will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate legal jobs on 01294 850501, or consult our online legal recruitment database for our current legal jobs.

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