In-House Legal Jobs

Working as an in-house lawyer

At Frasia Wright Associates we understand the diversity of legal jobs in the in-house sector. As a regular sponsor of the In-House Lawyers Group, we have built up our knowledge of the in-house jobs market, and have developed our understanding of the experience and skills most appropriately suited to businesses and the requirements of our in-house clients, whether on a permanent or even on an interim basis.

The in-house sector has seen rapid expansion in Scotland in recent years, despite economic challenges, and many organisations are responding to the financial crisis by creating new legal jobs for lawyers who will enhance their in-house legal teams.

Working in house, therefore, can offer opportunities and benefits for lawyers at all levels; from junior lawyers seeking a different career path through to senior staff seeking a head of legal affairs role. In house legal jobs can offer closer levels of client contact, the opportunity to be involved in legal decisions which impact business strategy, and even a better work-life balance.

Check our online legal jobs database for a number of exciting in-house legal jobs for UK and international clients, in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Our legal recruitment experts will be happy to advise you on the most suitable vacancies. Call us on 01294 850501.

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