Karen…Happy 4th ‘FWA’ Birthday

Published January 2018

Having joined FWA four years ago I was very much immersed in the administration functions and support to the recruitment team.  My position now, as Marketing and Business Support Specialist, allows me to support Frasia on the operational areas, whilst also working with the recruitment and marketing teams. 

Within these four years I have moved home, got engaged, married and moved home…again!

My main work highlights include setting up and upgrading systems in the office, including moving to electronic diaries (convincing everyone to bin the tippexed paper diaries after 20 years was a challenge!).  My main achievement has been managing FWA Interim Solutions, temporary positions on an agency worker basis, this is an area that continues to grow for FWA and I very much enjoy working closely with our clients and candidates in this area.

Personal highlights include attending some great events (which included an evening with George Clooney when he came to the Scottish Business Awards in Edinburgh), a sneaky Chinese take-away for lunch and also the beauty advent calendar in the office this Christmas!

I look forward to many more years ahead with FWA!

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