NQ Outlook™ Process and Timeline

Often the most confusing part of securing your first NQ position is not knowing what to do, but when to do it.

Our NQ Outlook™ Process and Timeline provide a simple guide to get you started.

When to begin the process

Every firm sets its own recruitment plan each year and will take into consideration the vagaries of the market before beginning its NQ recruitment drive.  It is always hard to predict how the NQ market will be in any given year but the last couple of years have certainly been more positive in general with higher retention rates in general and more opportunities arising externally as well. We would hope that this will continue towards the end of 2018.  It is important to remember that the market is unpredictable and so firms could start looking earlier than expected this year due to the number of vacancies which arise last year.  As a result we would advise you to start preparing your CV as early as possible, to ensure that you are in a position to apply for roles as and when they arise.


1 Make contact with FWA to register as a candidate and discuss any individual queries you may have with a member of our NQ Outlook team. Click here to Register.

November to January

2 We will work with you to develop the content of your CV. It must clearly communicate your experience, strengths and, as far as possible, some clues as to your personality. In addition to this, our complimentary CV Handbook has been designed to assist candidates at all levels with CV preparation. Click here to obtain your copy.


3 All relevant opportunities will be discussed in detail with you. If you are happy to progress with an application, we will present your CV to the relevant recruiting firms / organisations. It is important for you as a candidate to ensure that you participate in the management of your job search process, especially if you are registered with more than one recruitment consultancy – failure to do so could result in confusion and embarrassment for all concerned.

February to August

4 For most NQ's the best outcome is to be offered a position with your training firm. If the opportunity of an NQ position does arise within your training frim, we would certainly encourage you to consider this should it allow you to achieve your career goals and aspirations.


5 If you are invited for an interview, we will assist you to prepare fully by providing you with our support tools and information, and answering any questions you may have. All our NQ candidates receive a tailor-made pre-interview pack containing valuable relevant market information retrieved from a variety of sources. Your NQ Outlook™ Consultant will also conduct detailed feedback and debriefing sessions post-interview.


6 Once you have received an offer, or offers, of employment, your NQ Outlook™ Consultant will review the offer with you and liaise with the firm or organisation making the offer on your behalf.



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